1. N

    🙄 but 🦆🦆🦆

    I asked 8 questions in the last 2 weeks, none received an answer... Support is on strike?
  2. silence

    Unmaintained Class Map Autoloader 1.0.0

    So apparently a class map MIGHT be faster in some instances so I just winged it and got classmaps working in XenForo. I honestly have not done any performance testing so if anyone want's to test it out that would be awesome :D It will only call the class map for whatever initializing file you...
  3. thephzone

    Not a bug Help can't Delete post made by anyone

    Help I CAN'T Delete posts by anyone or merge
  4. silence

    Unmaintained LCache Speed Up 1.0.4

    LCache is a caching solution that creates multiple layers to store data. It allows for reads to be stored within APCu or SQLite for speed while it stores the data in a second layer on your database. This makes caching for users simple as most already have these two setup! It also makes it...
  5. Mystery


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