awaiting approval

  1. vinnymickey

    XF 2.0 User awaiting approval ?

    User waiting approval but option not selected in registration setup. I have enabled registration and email confirmation selected but not manual approval. User state says awaiting approval. What am I missing?
  2. Nobitakung

    Why users login in with Google account stay Awaiting Approval?

    Previously, I only enable the Facebook integration and people can login with their fb account and their user state are "Valid" by default. Today, I just enabled the google integration, but the problem is when I tested login with a google account, the new user stay at the "Awaiting Approval"...
  3. 998877

    Lack of interest Users Awaiting Approval Notifications

    I would love to see a number icon (red) next to the Users Awaiting Approval when there are actual users in the queue I would love to see an easy way (in the core) to send the admin an email on new user registration (upon verified email) with a link to easy approve them