auto tagger

  1. Freelancer

    XF 1.5 Automatic thread tagging with RSS feeds & automatic threads not always working

    I am not quite sure how thread tagging works with automatically generated threads from RSS feeds and automatically generated threads from add-ons (like XFRM and many others for example). I experienced tags automatically assigned to a thread when they were set up in the specific forum node and...
  2. Kevin

    Add-on [Request] Auto add thread prefix as thread tag in batch mode

    For XF 1.5+ I'd be after an add-on to do the following... Run as a scheduled task nightly; Find all threads that are viewable to guests and has a thread prefix; Check to see if the thread prefix value is also a tag associated to the thread; If the thread prefix is already a tag on the thread...
  3. Neutral Singh

    Other Auto Thread Tagging for Every Old Threads

    With the advent of thread tagging in 1.5, i would love to have an option to automatically populate tags field with with relevant keywords in the thread title. An option to auto tag all old threads dating back to the inception of forum would be simple awesome. :) For example: There is a thread...