1. Julsfels

    Fixed Resizing pictures: setting height with width=auto does not work as expected

    Hello, we have a problem with setting the height for an attached image and leaving the width = auto. In the editor, everthing works as expected - setting the width to 800 and height = auto resizes the image according to the width... ... and setting the height to 300 and width = auto resizes...
  2. wedge1001

    Unmaintained [CZ] Avatar Sizer 1.0.0

    Description: This will allow you to change the avatar-size within your whole XenForo installation. This will also allow you to use avatar-images which are not squared. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please...
  3. aljaxus

    XF 1.5 Avatar customisation - auto-resize

    Hi, i am Aljaz. I own a Minecraft server network and 1 extra server where i have personal email and XenForo forum. I need some help with avatar resizing. As i understood from other posts, XenForo uses 96x96 avatar images, but if user uploads a smaller image it wont be resized :unsure: (at least...
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