[XTR] Conversation Management

[XTR] Conversation Management 1.0.3

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1.0.3 Changelog
  • Fixed [E_WARNING] Attempt to read property "group_id" on null
  • Confirmed XF 2.2.8+ Support
  • Updated MacroRender.php
  • Template modifications updated.
  • Added new phrases.
  • Added new permissions to control the following limits,
    • Max. conversations can create
    • Can create a conversation with only staff
  • PHP 8.0+
Many thanks to @duderuud for the reports!
1.0.2 Change log
  • Fixed: Cannot call method isMemberOf error. (Thanks to @duderuud for this error report)
  • Public templates updated.
Also with this release,
We tested the new version with the AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 add-on, many thanks to @mazzly for this work.
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1.0.1 Change log
  • ACP macro template has been changed.
  • Add-on public templates updated.
  • PHP 8 compatibility update (Stability and compatibility with the newly released PHP 8)