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Unmaintained [XFR] User Albums 1.0.0 b7

No permission to download
Sadly, it's completely unusable on XF 1.5.9. At first it looks good (some missing phrases aside), but eg. when creating an album and trying to upload the first image, the XF template compiler starts complaining about two invalid variables. Or, another bug, the newly created empty album is forgotten as soon the site is closed. It's not listed anywhere (yes I have permissions).
Really great, thanks a lot for sharing this with the community!

Found a little bug, the language variable "xfr_useralbums_global" seems to not to exist. This is shown while creating an album ("private", "public" and then it shows this variable-name).

Hope to see an importer for phpBB gallery one day :)
Great Addon!!!
Very impressive add-on. Works just as well as the other two that cost $50!
This is an awesome add-on! My one and only issue is I can't seem to remove the "Share This Page" from the sidebar. I commented out the code in the template, but it must be living somewhere else.
Same bug as Phases below reported, please fix this. Please somebody develop this resource further and i'll pay up to 10$, its that simple 6 great. The're is also a nice non-official responsible fix on github (google for them).
The bug where once you open a picture in an album you can't open others, without reopening first and just scrolling through - really is a big deal. I would love to see a fix for this.
Love it, works and looks great so far.
Thank you very much!
I love it!
Wow - where the heck have I been? This is a must have! I would gladly pay for the next version or update.
Just love it thank you
We use it for simple photo albums for some of our small business members. Works well. Thank you.
Works amazing. great for my community!
For free this is great!

Not taking a star off for this because he mentions to make sure it's in all the styles ->
I wish styles/default/xfr/useralbums was just
styles/xfr/useralbums so I don't have a bunch of duplicate files showing the same thing.
I will give this 5 stars even though I am receiving a lot of server errors. But its still good as a beta version (its been so long, though?)
I have not tried others so I have nothing to compare with. But this does exactly what wanted so I have no complaints. Works great, my site users love it too.
excellent adon any recent upgrades in the pipeline ?
Easy to use, looks good.
Absolutely brilliant! So easy and so popular at my community, it's a showstopper de luxe.