[XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak - XF2

[XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak - XF2 3.0.12

No permission to buy (€10.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Additional requirements
[XFA] Core > 1.0.0
Updates duration
Unlimited - No renewal fees !
Nodes Icon Tweak allows you to easily change the default icons of your nodes (Read, unread, pages and links).

Four types of replacement icons are available:
  • Font Awesome
  • Icons loaded from your server
  • Sprite image URL
  • Latest poster avatar
Icons are supported on first level categories on forum index as well as level n categories when the Style property "Show sub-forums popup" is disabled.


  • Per node selection of icons in admincp
  • Icons display on admincp node list page
    • Optional, can be deactivated through option
    • Ability to set icon size for the admincp node list through option
  • Supports level 1, level 2 and level n icons display

Font Awesome Nodes Icons Features:
  • Ability to set node icon size
  • Ability to set node icon color
  • Live Icon Preview
  • Font Awesome icons pickable through a popup with search capability
  • Support for Font Awesome stacking with lower and upper layer
  • Support for Font Awesome transformation (both levels) : Rotate 90°/180°/270° - Flip horizontally - Flip vertically
  • Support for Font Awesome animation (both levels) : Spin - Pulse

Server Icons Features:
  • Ability to set node icon size.
  • Automatic resizing of the icons
  • Live Icon Preview
  • Icons directly selectable from a dropdown menu

Sprite Icons Features:
  • Ability to set node icon size
  • Ability to set node icon color
  • Live Icon Preview

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
Don't forget to install our Core add-on first, download it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note to XF1 license owners
Due to the change to a lifetime license, no discount is provided to XF1 version owners. For more information on our XenForo 2 product policy, click HERE.
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Latest updates

  1. Maintenance release

    Corrected bugs: Server icons not working with external data CDN Icons not displayed in admincp list
  2. Maintenance release

    Corrected bugs: Missing default node icon on categories InvalidArgumentException: Accessed...
  3. Maintenance release

    Corrected bugs: ErrorException: Template error: [E_USER_WARNING] Cannot call method...

Latest reviews

Icons are showing up as blank squares. Asked for support and he replied once asking a very generic question, then never replied after that.
I can't find your support request, where was it ?
This addon does not work as desired. I've requested support both on here, and on their dedicated support channel on their website. No one has answered me or offered a fix to the product I've paid for. I could understand if it was free, but it's not. Have requested a refund.
I am not sure this comment is still accurate.
This addon does not really work how I was expecting. So far I will leave one star, maybe when it will updated to work with TH nodes, I will change review, but for now this addon is disabled on my site.
I am not sure this comment is still accurate.
After having seeing there was no data folder and showing screenshots, he actually saw the issue and fixed it asap. Great person to work with when it comes to answering issues. Keep up the good work!
I like to know where i can get the core 1.0.0 because i installed the current one and I can't install this addon to my site... it says i need the core 1.0.0
You should installed latest version, it requires at least 1.0.0
Does exactly what I want. I could manually code them all in but this makes the process way easier to deal with. Price is very reasonable, highly recommended I can't imagine XenForo without it.
Nice addon with lots of possibilities. Every node on my forum now has it's own icons using Font Awesome. Author fixed a small issue very quickly. Good response!
Thanks. Glad you like it !
This is a great addon. Gives excellent options for whatever type icons or images you want to use. @XFA author is responsive to requests and makes adjustments to deal with issues that may op up. Highly Recoomend.
Thanks. We aim at providing a usable product and fix issues :)
Easy to use, takes a bit of practice to get the right size icon, trial and error on the first icon but after that you simply need to point and click for changes if you use font awesome or have uploaded your own icon packs. Price is 'on point' for a life time license.
Thanks. I should add to the manual the suggested size for the different locations.
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