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Unmaintained XenPorta Improvements 1.0.0 RC1

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This update brings even more free features - including new article image overlays and alternate author block!

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What's New?

Article Image Overlays

You can now enable overlays for article thumbnails (enabled by default in current version), with full Style Property customization. What's more, you can style thumbnail overlays separately depending on whether the article title has been set to the default (over the image) or inline (below the image) position! Further, you can display a FontAwesome icon in the center of the overlay, complete with hover over transition:


Image overlays can be customized differently depending on the layout:


Author Block Settings
In default XenPorta, you must manually create an author for the author block to appear on your front-end. However, if you have a large amount of authors or even open submission access (requiring countless authors to be created!), this may not be ideal.

You can now choose to show an alternative author block, using the original thread author and member profile info instead. What's more, you can even choose the mode priority:
  1. Always show XenPorta Author
  2. Always show thread author block
  3. Show thread author block if no XenPorta author is available

You can also optionally style the author image like Xenforo avatars, and display useful user links below the bio (Follow, Send PM, More posts). The new thread author block will use the user avatar and About section from their member profile.

Q: Where can I change the author block mode?

A: This setting is in Admin -> Options -> XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO, not in Style Properties like other settings. Visual changes like user links and avatar styling are found in the XenPorta Style Property group.

Q: Which type of author block should I use?
A: If you've already created XenPorta authors for all your contributors, you can make no change. If you'd like to always show an author block and don't wish to create XenPorta authors, you should enable the thread author block or to use it as fallback if you have several XenPorta authors.

Q: How can I style the image overlays?
A: These are customized via the following Style Properties in the XenPorta 2 property group: