[OzzModz] XenPorta Improvements

[OzzModz] XenPorta Improvements 2.0.1 Beta 1

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Q: Do I need to purchase XenPorta before using this addon?
A: Yes! You can purchase XenPorta 2 PRO here. I personally recommend it with all my themes and to any content-centered community.

Q: Will this addon work with ____ theme?
A: This addon should work with any theme, including the Xenforo default theme, and from popular Xenforo theme providers. It uses default Xenforo CSS, and comes with various Style Properties to customize your appearance.

Q: I am already using a Nulumia theme with some of these features - do I need this addon?
A: I will soon be removing all XenPorta customizations from my themes and shipping them in this addon separately. Until then, you may install this addon with a Nulumia theme, though some redundant styling/CSS may be present.

Q: Where do I see the new features and settings?
A: All settings and Style Properties have been added to the following locations:
Options -> [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO
Style Properties -> [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO
Style Properties -> [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO > Feature Slider

There is one setting not found in these groups. In order to set the articles-per-row option to widgets, edit (existing) or add a XenPorta > Articles widget from your Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets page. You will find the setting above the "Maximum entries" setting.

Q: Where can I change the author block mode?
A: This setting is in Admin -> Options -> XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO, not in Style Properties like other settings. Visual changes like user links and avatar styling are found in the XenPorta Style Property group.

Q: Which type of author block should I use?
A: If you've already created XenPorta authors for all your contributors, you can make no change. If you'd like to always show an author block and don't wish to create XenPorta authors, you should enable the thread author block or to use it as fallback if you have several XenPorta authors.

Q: How can I style the image overlays?
A: These are customized via the "Article icon overlay" Style Properties in the XenPorta 2 property group:

Q: I found a bug or have a feature request. Where can I let you know?
A: Please leave a reply here at the addon discussion thread.

Q: I installed the addon, and my layout looks a bit different than some of your screenshots. What gives?
A: The appearance of this addon will be determined by the theme you are using. I have tried to show example screenshots from a number of different themes, including some of my own, and the Xenforo default theme.

Q: Will you add more features to this addon?
A: Yes. I will occasionally be adding more features and settings, including from user feedback.

Q: Will you be doing more "Improvements"-addons for other 8WayRun products?
A: I've been using and working with Jaxel's products for many years, since vBulletin. I'd definitely love to design enhancements for addons such as XenMedio, etc, if the author doesn't mind.

Q: "I think ___ should be added to XenPorta!"
A: This is my humble contribution to the fantastic base product. If Jaxel found any of my settings useful I'd be happy if he takes them. It would be less for me to maintain. But if you like my addon, please try not to bug him too much :)