XenForo Romanian

Unmaintained XenForo Romanian 2.2.13

No permission to download
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Updates duration
5 - 15 days
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
Here you can find the Romanian language of Xenforo 2
(Aici gasesti traducerea in Limba Romana pentru Xenforo 2)

  • Install instruction in the archive
  • Translated
  • phrases / addons:
    • Xenforo Base
    • XenForo Enhanced Search
    • XenForo Importers
    • XenForo Media Gallery
    • XenForo Resource Manager
Terms of Usage:
  • Please do report any issues found to be fixed a.s.a.p.
  • Please do not redistribute or re-post this pack elsewhere
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Teascu Dorin
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Latest updates

  1. XenForo Romanian 2.2.13

    Updated v2.2.13 (17.May.2023) Updated 10 phrases Translated 45 new phrases
  2. XenForo Romanian 2.2.12

    Updated v2.2.12 (5.Jan.2023) Updated 5 phrases Translated 235 new phrases
  3. XenForo Romanian 2.2.11

    Updated v2.2.11 (25.Oct.2022) Updated 6 phrases Translated 11 new phrases

Latest reviews

Great job! Thanks! Working perfectly and very useful for my romanian users, I have been using your translations for a while and I can't be happier! Thanks again!
Teascu Dorin
Teascu Dorin
You are welcome! Enjoy!
Very good work.
I use from the start on my forum this translate and i am very happy with his work.
thank you very much.
Teascu Dorin
Teascu Dorin
You're welcome!
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