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alt⟨div -- peculiar, retro, and other niche XenForo styles

Alternadiv.com is where I make unusual XenForo styles that no one asked for. I do it because I enjoy experimenting with HTML/CSS and customizing XF. Also, because I miss 2000s-era web design aesthetics.

This is one of those styles...

faux⟨archive ?

Faux Archive is, well... an archive mode for XenForo. I consider it faux (a lookalike) because it uses only CSS to achieve the archive vibe, as opposed to actually editing core files to create a true archive.

Forum ListForum ViewThread View
Forum List - Faux Archive.pngForum View - Faux Archive.pngThread View - Faux Archive.png

Live demo: https://alternadiv.com/demo/misc/style?style_id=3


Because Faux Archive uses only CSS, there are no template edits aside from extra.less. This makes it easy to show/hide elements according to your needs.

Out of the box, archive is pretty archive'd up. Almost everything is removed from view but you can quickly show or hide elements by adding or removing them to my class list in extra.less.

By default, I have it set to hide almost everything, showing only:
  • breadcrumbs
  • page title
  • page navigation
  • node title
  • thread title
  • thread navigation
  • message author username
  • message content
  • BB code in message content
  • footer style chooser
  • footer copyright
Other than that, everything is hidden and usernames are not clickable. If you want to, you can easily add elements back, including the ability to create posts.


Faux Archive works best on the following pages:
  • forum list
  • forum view
  • all node types (discussion, questions, suggestions, search, article, page)
  • all article node layouts
  • all thread types (discussion, poll, question, suggestion, article, custom thread fields, prefixed threads)
Faux Archive is not intended for pages like: account details, members list, what's new, etc.

All widgets are hidden with one line of CSS. If you have some widgets that you want to hide but some that you want to display, remove [data-widget-id] and replace with [data-widget-id="X"]. Put the ID of the widget you want to hide in place of X. Repeat for all widgets you want to hide.


That's all! Let me know if you need help hiding or showing something.


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  1. 1.0.2 - Added CSS and live demo

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Very unique and perfect for mobile devices that want a limited design, Keep up the amazing and unique work!
Hey, thanks for the kind words! This is my first review for what is the beginning of my XF styling venture so I'll definitely remember it. 🖤