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  1. Alternadiv

    XenForo Lite -- Alternadiv 1.1.2

    alt⟨div⟩ -- peculiar, retro, and other niche XenForo shenanigans is where I make unusual XenForo styles that no one asked for. I do it for fun. I also do it because I find modern web design trends to boring and uninspired. xf⟨lite⟩ -- a customizable utilitarian, lightweight...
  2. Sim

    How to archive a XenForo forum to make it read-only

    I took over administration of the Somersoft forums in 2002 and ran the site on behalf of the owners until 2015 when we decided to archive the site and make it read-only. The community moved to a new site which I built on XF 1.x - PropertyChat. Originally launched on vBulletin v2.2, Somersoft...
  3. Sim

    Archive Site 1.1.1

    For a site that is no longer accepting new content, you might want to put it into "read only" mode, keeping the content available online for users but preventing users from logging in or posting new content. You will also want to optimise the site to remove unnecessarily functionality for...
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