1. alternadiv

    XenForo Lite -- Alternadiv 1.1.2

    alt⟨div⟩ -- peculiar, retro, and other niche XenForo shenanigans is where I make unusual XenForo styles that no one asked for. I do it for fun. I also do it because I find modern web design trends to boring and uninspired. xf⟨lite⟩ -- a customizable utilitarian, lightweight...
  2. Alternadiv Web Design v1.2.0 (mobile)

    Alternadiv Web Design v1.2.0 (mobile)

  3. Alternadiv Web Design v1.2.0

    Alternadiv Web Design v1.2.0

  4. alternadiv

    Peculiar & Retro Web Design || Alternadiv

    If you've ever seen some of my attempts to learn HTML/CSS and other shenanigans here on the XF forum, you might've noticed my 2000s web design nostalgia is strong. If not, have a tl;dr: I miss 2000s-era web design aesthetics and have a 17 year-long interest* in HTML/CSS, specifically for forums...
  5. alternadiv

    XenForo UI/UX Design Tool -- Alternadiv 1.0.0

    This unusual style is ready to be your friend if you give it a chance. 🤗 Blank XenForo is a tool I use to experiment with XenForo's Style Properties system. As cool as it would be, it's not intended to be a style used on your live forum. The purpose of this masterpiece is to help you quickly...
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