[XenConcept] User Activity

[XenConcept] User Activity 2.2.1

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Fixed bugs related to guest permissions.
  • [Bug Fix] Option tab not responsive
  • [Bug Fix] Problem with the limit for the following feature: "User Who Replied This Thread"
  • We removed the "Block title" options to replace them with phrases
  • Adding new features
    • Users who replied this thread
We have planned two permission for the new feature :
  • Can view replies own threads
  • Can view replies all threads

Here are the options we have planned :
  • Enable replied thread
  • Replied thread position
    • Above PageNav
    • Below Quick Reply
    • Above Quick Reply
    • Below Share Block
  • How to display the users
    • Username only
    • Avatar only
  • Exclude user banned
  • Replies limit
  • Sort username by alphabetical

Here is the block

  • Fix bug with UIX Theme
View report : Here

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Add option tabbed in add-on option

  • We tried to improve performance
  • [Bug fix] You can't see users in the Main-Forum "Who is viewing this forum block" when users viewing the Sub-Forum.
  • [Bug fix] You can't see users in the Main-Forum / Sub-Forum "Who is viewing this forum block" when users vieweing a thread.
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  • Fixed bugs
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  • New option
    • Enable viewing forum in home
  • Rename "Enable viewing forum" to "Enable viewing in Forum Thread List"
  • New permission
    • Can view viewers forum (In home)
    • Rename "Can view viewers forum" to "Can view viewers forum (Thread list)"

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