[WMTech] User Blocking System

[WMTech] User Blocking System 1.0.3

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Q: Why can a blocking user see all blocked content if he logs out of his account?
A: User blocking is available for registered users only. If you have forums which can be accessed by guests, content of blocked users can be seen if the blocking user logs out and looks at the content as a guest.

Q: Why can blocked members sometimes see a message to unhide hidden content from each other? Shouldn't they be totally hidden from each other?
A: If you do not set the option to disable unhiding of hidden content for blocked members, the default unhide feature of XenForo appears. This is why we recommend to set the option to disable the unhide feature at least for all your users who are allowed to use the blocking feature.

Q: Why can't moderators and admins use the blocking feature?
A: Moderators and admins are supposed to be able to see all content at a forum. This is why our add-on automatically exempts official moderators and admins (which are setup as staff in ACP) from using this feature.

Q: What happens if the blocking permission gets revoked from a member?
A: This member can no longer block any new members. However all members blocked before the permission was revoked will stay blocked until the member decides to unblock them.

Q: What happens to the blocked users if I uninstall this add-on?
A: All blocking and blocked members, each revert to regular ignored members. Each of them can simply unignore the other member if they like.

General Error First Aid after a faulty installation:

My forum is broken after installing an addon. What should I do now?
A: Deinstall or deactivate the addon and ask for help. If you cannot reach the XenForo ACP any more, login to your web server and add the following line of code to library/config.php:
$config['enableListeners'] = false;
This will disable all addons and enable you to get access to the ACP again where you will be able to deinstall the problematic addon.