[WMTech] Stripe Full

[WMTech] Stripe Full 2.0.0

No permission to buy ($99.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
Additional requirements
Stripe account
HTTPS website
PHP 5.6 or greater
Xenforo 2.0.3 up to 2.0.10, with 'friendly URLs' set to enabled
Commercial, Paid License
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
This product is currently compatible with XenForo 2.0.x ONLY (tested with version 2.0.10).
XenForo 2.1.x is NOT supported, we re working on the upgrade.

Stripe Full offers those new local payment methods:

SEPA Direct Debit
Europe-wide payment method used by 34 countries.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain can use
SOFORT ÜBERWEISUNG payment solution.

Popular German payment method.

Most popular
payment method in the Netherlands, with a 56% share.

Austrian payment method.


Belgian payment method.

Przelewy24 payment solution.

Portuguese payment method that let’s people pay via internet banking or an ATM.

ACH Credit Transfer
Popular US payment method.

Popular Chinese payment provider (
$1.7 trillion volume in 2016).

Payment Request API Button.
An emerging vendor-agnostic, open and cross-browser standard for payment requests. It supports payment types such as:

  • Google Pay
  • Chrome browser saved cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Microsoft Pay

3D Secure Support:

Do you or your members consider ordinary card payments insecure?

Stripe Full helps improve card payment security using new Stripe features:

  • 3D Secure for Mastercard and VISA
  • Stripe.JS v3 and Elements.

Note: Stripe currently provides limited access to local payment methods for non-local merchants, and there are limits on which currencies these methods can use. So check Stripe’s payment methods availability table to confirm what’s available to you. Some merchants may also have to request Stripe to give them access to certain payment methods. See the Stripe docs for more details.

Current limitations: This add-on doesn’t currently support recurring (subscription) payments from sources other than cards. 3D Secure is also not currently available for subscriptions.

Visual benefits:

Would members trust the native Stripe Card Element with their card details more than the standard forum form fields?

Stripe Full uses the new
Stripe.JS Card Element, which has these advantages:
  • Gives the user visual and instructional feedback
  • Gives immediate dynamic feedback of any card entry errors
  • Instinctively determines if ZIP Code checking is appropriate (and then prompts the user to enter it).

Frictionless payment with reusable sources:

Would it improve sales if your members didn’t have to re-enter their payment details each time they made a new purchase?

Stripe Full enables use of Stripe’s reusable payment sources system. It also gives your forum the option to save customer’s payment sources for them when they first use a reusable source (such as a credit card). And since you’re using the new Stripe.JS Card Element, your forum doesn’t save their credit card details: it only saves Stripe’s source tokens.

Stripe Full also connects Stripe’s customer system to your forum’s member system (rather than making a new customer object for each payment as the native XenForo Stripe payment provider does), allowing you to keep better track of payments in your Stripe Dashboard.

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Will any of these benefits of Stripe Full pay for themselves?

If 'yes',
buy Stripe Full and start enjoying them today.

Setup Instructions

  • Install the add-on (see XenForo2 add-on installation instructions).
  • Make sure the ‘Use full friendly URLs’ option is enabled on your forum.
    ACP (admin control panel) -> Setup -> Options -> Basic board information.
  • Add a new payment profile of type Stripe Full.
    ACP -> Setup -> Payment profiles -> Add payment profile
  • Fill out the option fields. You might want to give the profile a name like ‘Stripe Full’, to distinguish it from the standard built-in XenForo Stripe profile.
    • Your Stripe keys (live or test) are available on your Stripe Dashboard
    • If you want to test using Stripe test mode, add this line to your src/config.php file: $config['enableLivePayments'] = false;
  • Create a webhook back to your site.
    • Go to your Stripe Dashboard Webhook section (If you are using test mode, click the ‘Viewing test data’ switch to switch to your test webhooks).
    • Use the webhook URL shown in your Payment Profile page (the link ending with ‘_xfProvider=stripe_full’)
    • The API version should be latest, and ‘send all event types’ should be selected.
    • Save that webhook
    • You can confirm your webhook is getting through to your forum from Stripe by clicking ‘Send test webhook’
  • Allow the desired purchasables to use this payment profile
    • User Upgrade example: create or edit a User Upgrade (ACP -> Users -> User upgrades), and under Payment Profile check the Stripe Full option.
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