Who Replied

Who Replied 2.1.0

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Great addon! It would be awesome if we were able to PM all users in a particular thread through the popup :) Maybe if I donate?
This feature was one of the most used features in the old vB days. If you wanted to check quickly who replied to a thread or who has replied the most, then you could click on the number of replies and it listed you the names. Then clicking the number again it would list you the replies of someone in that thread. Why would you do that? Oftem times you would remember someone saying sth. much later and you would want to quote what he said to prove a point or something and you would remember in which thread the quote is from but not where it is in hundreds of replies. This addon is very useful because of that. Thank you.
Great development ! @Xon one of my favorites developer. Please keep development improvement update. Thanks for the opportunity!
Thank you for this free XF2 version. Xon is one of the most trustworthy XF developers, all his addons can be installed blindly, as everyone knows: it will work and it is safe.
Hey Xon! Great work as always. Thanks for porting this addon to Xenforo 2! I think this helps a lot users to see a 'summary' of the thread's replies.