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Unmaintained View Staff Threads 1.0.9a

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Correct XML version string (was not incremented in the last release).
  • Do not alter the XenForo error message when a user attempts to view a thread they are not allowed to see.
  • When using the "View Staff" or "View Stickies" permissions, staff/sticky threads which are moderated or deleted threads are no longer visible.
  • Improve compatibility with a private add-on.
This isn't required unless you have an add-on seeking to alter what threads are allowed to be viewed from the forum list.
  • Improve compatibility with Widget framework
Remove use of php7 only language features. Restores compatibility with php +5.3
  • Minor compatibility update.
    • Fix compatibility with a private add-on, unlikely to impact others but released for completeness.
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Update licence information for 2015
  • Simplify addon name visible from AdminCP
Previous implementation of View Staff Thread Permission required extra queries to work in a search context.

This update no longer requires separate queries per search result post/thread, and introduces fetches the data in the single query at the start.
The View Staff thread permission should now correctly does not show staff replies to another user's thread when the user only has rights to see their own threads and staff threads.