[UW] Dropdown Hover Menu

[UW] Dropdown Hover Menu 2.1.0

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NOTE: My add-ons are being stolen by pirates, I do not make any money on my add-ons. If you like this add-on, please consider giving it a 5 stars rating. It's the only motivation now for me to keep my add-ons promptly updated. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy this great add-on.

I have made it very simple now to get to the add-on. I have removed around 5 steps form the purchasing process. Just 3 fast, simple steps and you are downloading.

🔸FIXED: 1. When right menu on hover is disabled, it is still closing the menu on mouse leave. It should work like there is no DHM add-on used at all.

🔸FIXED: 2. The add-on shouldn't work on any other links other than the main menu link. Like for example it shouldn't work on "Filters" link.

🔸FIXED: 3. When "Enable right menu on hover" and "Close menu on mouse leave" is checked, and when your mouse leaves the links in the right menu with the cursor moving up, the menu stays open.

🔸FIXED: 4. I've also noticed an issue with the Conversations and Alerts menu's flashing once, and then working properly on subsequent mouseovers.

🔸FIXED: 5. When going to the right menu with the cursor from the bottom, sometimes the menu opens and sometimes doesn't. From top and left it works always.
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🔹New feature added in the admin settings, "Close menu on mouse leave" checked by default.


🔹The "Enable dropdown hover menu" feature in the user's preferences should be checked by default also for newly registered users.

🔸Fixed error message: "Could not process UW-DHM-1.0.0.zip: File does not appear to be a valid add-on archive as expected."

🔸The right menu hover effect when your mouse comes from the bottom of the menu was improved.

🔹The right menu hover effect functionality for non-registered user has been removed.