Update Any Resource

Update Any Resource 1.1.0

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Agree with rahspot - this should be core functionality. Works perfectly (XF 2.2.3 patch 1). Just remember to amend user (group) permission to edit any resource after install. Otherwise you'll wonder why the add-on isn't working!
Thanks very much!
I have close to 4,000 files .zip files that were imported from VB DownloadsII with digit prefixes that were ignored but now aren't. Some of the files are assigned to Users that aren't active, we also have files that don't belong to a single user (group project) or a registered user, created new users called Not Registered and Anonymous so they can be listed for their resources.
Works with RM 2.1.6!
Thanks for the review!
Can't believe this isn't core. Such a simple function: allow other users to update resources. Very helpful if you're an admin and you want to update resources that aren't under your name.