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Uniform 2.0.3

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Minor updates to PAGE_CONTAINER for Xenforo 2.0.3
This update includes:
  • Minor bug fixes from reports over the past few weeks
  • Grid layout for subforums
  • "Zebra" style rows for nodes and topic lists
  • Sticky topics are separated from regular topics with dividers
  • Redesigned search bar with an 'advanced dropdown menu'
  • Sticky side blocks
  • Discord is now supported in the social icons
Likes: Nirjonadda
Minor changes have been made to page_container for Xenforo 2.0.2
Updated in mid-December for 2.0.1, fixing a minor background-color bug
Minor bug fix with navigation arrow alignment
If the search bar is hidden, the header layout will no longer break
This update includes minor bug fixes and allows different xenfocus themes to use different background picker id's. Changing the background image in one theme will no longer unintentionally change the image in other themes.

The /styles/xenfocus/js/xenfocus.js file has been updated in this version.
Added additional background picker settings which allow you to customize background-size, background-position and background-repeat
Added a "Customize" icon next to the style name in the footer
Likes: tagban