Unmaintained Uniform 2.2.13

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Updates duration
6 months, $10 optional renewal fee
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment

Uniform for xenforo 2

Uniform is a light, modern theme focused around a background picker which applies a single background image throughout the entire forum, including category bars and forum icons. The theme is packed with customizable features which can be easily enabled or disabled from within the Admin Control Panel.

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Style Features


Theme Editor
All xenfocus themes come with the "Theme Editor" - an easy to use box which allows your members to customize the theme to their needs.


Cut-out effect
The background image is featured throughout the Uniform theme using a unique cut-out effect.


Responsive theme
This theme will downscale for mobiles and tablets, providing an optimal viewing experience for all devices.


Holiday effects
If enabled, subtle "holiday effects" such as animated snow for Christmas, confetti for New Years, a floating ghost for Halloween or a beating heart for Valentines can be shown on your theme.


Countdown to a local event such as a sport game, or a global event such as a product release using the built-in countdown timer.


Background settings
A background picker allows your members to select their own background/header image from a predefined selection.


Grid view for nodes
Place your forums into a grid layout with optional wallpapers for each. This feature can be toggled by members if they prefer the standard layout.


Social icons
By enabling the social icons feature, you can easily promote your social media websites to your forum members.


Guest message
If enabled, a stylish guest message prompts visitors to sign in or register a new account on your site.


Extensive logo options
Use HTML text, insert a slogan or simply use an image. All configurable via the theme settings.


Mega footer
A mega footer with configurable columns and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings.


Retina ready
All xenfocus themes have been coded with high resolution screens in mind. Your theme will look crisp on all screens and devices!


Fluid width
Members have the option of toggling fluid width, which stretches the theme across the entire width of their browser.

Minimal template modifications

Only one modified template
This theme only contains one modified template file, which means upgrades are a breeze!

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Last update
5.00 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Xenforo 2.2.13

    Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.13. Fixed an error when trying to disable the Mega Footer in the admin...
  2. Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.12 + numerous bug fixes

    Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.12. Fixed a Turkish language string in the guest message. Added...
  3. 2.2.10 Compatibility

    This theme is compatible with Xenforo 2.2.10 and requires no further updates.

Latest reviews

Just amazing style : Beautiful, bugless, easy to use... A top style for those who wants a professional forum in one click !
Great to hear Nikodak! Thanks for the feedback! :)
For many years I use his skin very satisfied and very fast help and updates.
very modern and is very welcome by its members
Thanks mediapac, glad you're enjoying the theme!
Brilliant, stylish, modern theme with some really nice enhancements. Best bit of all though is the developer who provides an ultra high level of support. Cannot rate him highly enough.
Thanks very much! Top support is one of my main priorities so I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far :)
One of the best theme out there and my community is loving it! They were happy that the theme is looking modern, sleek and elegant on all devices!
Awesome news Tris, thanks for the feedback! :)
Ehren's work is always top notch. He releases updates fast and his skins are always clean looking and come with great features. The best quality skins out there!
One of my longest running customers! Thanks for the feedback nodle :)
absolute brilliant theme which i recommend to all users , ehren gives great support & i use all his themes i bought so members have a choice
I appreciate all the support EAGLE 1, thanks very much!
Great theme! my users at https://plexguide.com said it is one of the cleanest themes ever! I switched from vbulletin because of this theme; no kidding!
Thanks for the feedback geforce! Sounds like a perfect reason to switch forum software haha!
This is a high quality XenForo theme. At first I was disappointed by the lack of selection for XenForo 2 themes but that disappointment quickly disappeared when I discovered this amazing theme called "Uniform." Thank you so much @Ehren for creating it.
Thanks Nebulous, glad you've enjoyed the theme so far! Best of luck with xf2!
I have been a long time user of Ehrens styles, especially on IPB. But his XF styles have always been top notch. I waited for this style ever since the first idea of XF 2 was brought about. This style in particular though is amazing, very smooth and top notch coding along with a ton of amazing features make it a must have!! It also allows for limitless customization and very easy to do as well.
Thanks bud! The theme editor modal box turned out quite nicely, and I'm sure it'll only get better from here. Glad you're enjoying the theme!
Really awesome theme, lots of features. Only thing I wish is that you could completely switch theme from light color palette to Dark and it would remove the white backgrounds, I did see where to change it but haven't been able to play with the colors enough yet. Still very powerful. Thank you!
Thanks for the review tagban! Changing the entire colour scheme to dark requires a decent amount of work, but it's something I plan on eventually doing with Uniform. Glad you're enjoying the theme! :)
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