Today's Birthdays

Today's Birthdays 1.4

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Very thoughtful add on. Works great. Easy install. Thanks again AndyB for another great add on! Brings the community together.
Thank you for answering to my request. A must have add-on.
A useful add-on :)
Good addon, thanks
Great Add-on, makes members feel appreciated by showing their birthday greeting on the side bar, use this along with Andy’s Birthday Thread Add-on both complement each other. Andy your attention to detail is impressive. Keep up the great work! Without some of your add-on’s our forum would not be as active as it has become. Nor would it be such a cool forum to belong. Thanks for the countless hrs of hard work you have put into all your add-on’s.
Properly installed and running, thank you very much for your great work. And copy helps us all. No more receives a warm greeting from Spain............
Thoughtful and works fine!
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