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Unmaintained Threadstarter Ribbon 2013-08-27

No permission to download
love it!
Very very nice. Thank you!
Excellent stuff :)
Thanks a ton, works great and looks good!

To meet the 150 minimum post: It would be nice is someone could zip a bunch of the pictures together with different names all in once place.
Awesome, thank you very much!
I love it! Now there's finally a way to see who posted the content without going to the first page to check. This will be very useful for my forum and my users. Thank you very much.
Awesome, thanks :)
Shelley's the best. If there was a Greek goddess for Graphics, she'd be the one. Brilliant stuff, thanks!
One of my favorite addons! Great
Very great. Thanks
awesome and a great addition to forums :)
On a roll. Another great edit!
A really nice and creative idea! Thanks for posting it.
Great modification :)