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Unmaintained Thread Reply Banner 1.3.3

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  • Fix error on merging or hard deleting threads
  • Fix unexpected error on replying for some users
  • Fix unexpected 'required field' error when a moderator changes a thread prefix from the "edit thread" dialog.
  • Edit history support
  • Banners can now be deactivated/activated without needing to edit the banner text
  • Rewritten to using DataWriters
  • Add-on integration support
    • Allows add-ons to easily hook the reply banner to add replacables
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  • Add-on compatibility update.
  • Move inline css to CSS template.
  • Ensure installer rebuilds permissions correctly.
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  • Correct typo which prevented threads being hard-deleted or merged.
  • Change permission check to prevent lacking "Manage Reply Banner" permission blocking a user editing a thread's title.
  • Update code to be more robust and improve compatibility with a private add-on.
  • Cleanup installer code
  • Update to use shared installer/uninstaller code
  • Fix uninstall process to remove left over data.
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