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Unmaintained Thread Multi Moderation 1.2.0

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  • Author Author ragtek
  • Creation date Creation date
  • added a description field for the multimod records, which will be shown as a "tooltip" when hovering over the multimod in the thread
    desc.webp desc.webp desc3.webp
  • the multimoderation actions will be logged in the xenforo moderation log
  • the method agtek_MM_Model_Multimod::canUseMultiModeration got some additional parameters, which should make it easier to overwrite the method and create own "rules" which user is able to use what multimoderation....
         * @param array $thread
         * @param array $forum
         * @param array $multimod
         * @param string $errorPhraseKey
         * @param array $nodePermissions
         * @param array $viewingUser
         * @return bool
        public function canUseMultiModeration(array $thread, array $forum, array $multimod = array(),&$errorPhraseKey = '',
                                              array $nodePermissions = null, array $viewingUser = null)

Full change history:
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  • Fixed an Bug with the File Health Check
If you never used the file health check, ignore this update:P
Otherwise just upload the new package.
You DON'T NEED to upgrade the addon XML.
  • To be able to find the necessary record faster, the records are sorted by the title
  • To avoid a bottleneck for moderators viewing threads, the data are being now loaded via ajax (a extra page will load if javascript is disabled)
    Demo Video:

Full change history:
This is a quick Bugfix Release, fixing this "showstopper"

Complete list of fixed Bugs:

Upgrade instructions:
reupload the files and upgrade the addon xml
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