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Unmaintained Thread Multi Moderation 1.2.0

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Thread Multi Moderation

This addon lets you carry out a combination of moderator tasks in one single action - saving time and mouse clicks. Tasks include; close thread, change sticky status, change thread status, add to start/end of title, move to forum, set prefix, and add a reply.
Just build your selection of tasks into one single "multi-mod" action, give it a name, and then let your moderators run wild with it!

Examples include:
  • Classifieds (close thread - add to start of title [SOLD] - move to 'Completed sales' forum - add reply "This sale is now completed")
  • Stick and move (change sticky status to on - move to 'Stickies' forum) * eBay move (add to start of title [eBay listing] - move to 'eBay' forum - add prefix 'eBay' - add reply "eBay auction listings should only be posted in the eBay forum")
  • Lock and load (close thread - add reply "This thread is now locked" - move to 'Naughty Step' forum)
Everyone has a different setup - but for those regular jobs that your moderator team carry out that take more than one modding action, you can now create a single multi-mod action to speed things up.

  • Upload everything from the "upload" directory into your forum directory
  • install Thread Multi Moderation_1.0.0_b_6_en-US.xml
  • Set the admin and mod permissions
    adminperm.PNG modperm.PNG
Known Bugs:
Editor isn't showing some icons in acp ( that's a xenforo bug: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/admin-template-editor_ui-css.34081/ )

Github Repo: https://github.com/ragtek/MM

If you want to support me and the development of free future add-ons, you can donate any value to my paypal account
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Latest reviews

I loved using this add-on but once I updated my forums to 1.4.x it stopped working completely and threw SQL errors whenever I tried to use it. Does anyone have a custom one that works with 1.4.x?
Really helps if you have allot of similar moderation tasks, e.g. locking threads, moving threads and adding prefixes. Perfect for the lazy admin / moderator!
I simply love, love, love this! I requested this myself and ragtek took it on. I'm very happy with how this came out and it was exactly how I envisioned it with the extra features I asked for.