[TH] Holidays - now with Valentine's Day!

[TH] Holidays - now with Valentine's Day! 1.0.2 Patch Level 1

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Bugs fixed:
  • Phrases missing in user change log.
New Features
  • Added effects for valentines day!
New Features
  • Only show fireworks on initial page load.
Bugs Fixed
  • Snow images showing if snow holiday isn't enabled.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed the upgrade process not firing.
New Features include:
  • Added New Years!
Bugs Fixed:
  • HTML wasn't parsed for snow flake character. (Note: Entered HTML needs to be safe to use within a javascript variable, so it cannot include any single quotes. In a future version we may add additional checks for this, but as it stands it'll add whatever you want but there may be javascript errors if an invalid value is used)
  • Fixed compatibility with Uniform style
Bugs fixed:
  • Unable to click "Edit avatar" with the avatar overlay enabled
  • [TH] Nodes node icons would display over Holiday icons