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Unmaintained [tabs] bbcode 1.1.0

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Added 1.3 compatibility
Please note now you need to go to "Custom BB Codes" in the AdminCP and upload the provided bb_codes.xml file
Bug fixes in this release
  • When the tabs are empty, nothing will be generated. Previously the chrome (borders, etc) would be generated giving a really bad display
  • More fixes for edge cases with BBCode. People were using this with crazy combinations of color, size, and unbalanced (invalid) tags in top of that. The add-on no longer breaks when it hits those edge cases
  • The <ul> and <li> inside the tabs had their bullets or numbers removed by css inheritance. This has been corrected.
This is a small maintenance update

Bugs fixed
  • When the only content of the tab was an image (no text) the tab was not being rendered
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