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Svg Template by Xon 2.5.2

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  • Fix "[E_DEPRECATED] strlen(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated" when attempting to save a new template with an invalid name
  • Fix internal server error being generated instead of a 404 when requesting an invalid svg
This add-on is now avaliable on
  • Require php 7.2+
  • Require StandardLib v1.18.0+
  • If using resvg support, recommend updating to v0.35.0.
    Pre-compiled linux x86_64 binary has been made available here.
    Compiled on CentOS 7, works on Ubuntu 18.04/20.04/22.04
  • Document using resvg v0.35.0+ with "CLI - Pipe" mode, which avoid temporary files when converting SVGs to PNGs
    Example using resvg v0.35.0+, configure CLI - Pipe command with;
    /usr/local/bin/resvg --quiet --resources-dir=/tmp/ - -c
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  • Fix SVG template validation was broken which could result in preventing adding a language or style from working correctly (or rebuilding master data)
  • Fix error running "xf:rebuild-master-data" when the exact template directory structure is missing and the SVG template is the first template compiled for that style.
  • Fix possible compatibility issues with other add-ons extending SV/StandardLib's template helper code
  • Fix template validation ran on the master style instead of the current selected style
  • Fix for upcoming XF2.3 compatibility, as Doctrine Cache been documented as being removed.
  • Compatibility update with SV/StandardLib v1.14+, still compatible with SV/StandardLib v1.11+
  • Improve error messages when saving invalid SVGs as templates
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  • Fix issue using getSvgUrl/getSvgUrlAs in style properties with a template without an extension would cause CSS to fail to render
  • Fix for race condition when creating temp files when encoding svg => png using resvg.
  • Update to link to updated precompiled binary for resvg (v0.14.1 => v0.23.0)
  • Fix "XFCP_TemplaterHelper not found" error when upgrading the StandardLib add-on via the GUI
    • If this has happened, upload the files for this add-on. Then rebuild StandardLib add-on, then run the updater this add-on.
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