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SVG Template by Xon 2.4.6

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  • Fix template validation ran on the master style instead of the current selected style
  • Fix for upcoming XF2.3 compatibility, as Doctrine Cache been documented as being removed.
  • Compatibility update with SV/StandardLib v1.14+, still compatible with SV/StandardLib v1.11+
  • Improve error messages when saving invalid SVGs as templates
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  • Fix issue using getSvgUrl/getSvgUrlAs in style properties with a template without an extension would cause CSS to fail to render
  • Fix for race condition when creating temp files when encoding svg => png using resvg.
  • Update to link to updated precompiled binary for resvg (v0.14.1 => v0.23.0)
  • Fix "XFCP_TemplaterHelper not found" error when upgrading the StandardLib add-on via the GUI
    • If this has happened, upload the files for this add-on. Then rebuild StandardLib add-on, then run the updater this add-on.
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Require StandardLib v1.11.0+
    • Improve support for rendering templates in the mail & api contexts by correctly injecting template filters/functions into multiple rendering contexts
  • Compat fix when zlib output compression is enabled for PHP8.0.17+/PHP8.1.4+
  • Work-around for non-desirable caching behaviour when CloudFlare (or similar) is forced to cache svg.php output
    • Prevent polluting of caches if the time-stamp is in the future
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  • Support getSvgUrlAs('tenplate.svg', 'png') in style properties
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  • Reject attempting to save an SVG template with no elements
  • Require Standard Lib by Xon v1.1.0+
  • Force usage of global functions so php can optimize them into special bytecode instead of function calls
  • Fix disabling generating png links if svg => png is not configured
  • Improve installer to report svg => svg conditions which can block usage
  • Use "canonical" URL before XF2.2.3 as "full" doesn't work as expected in all contexts
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