Stop AutoLinking Patch (NO MORE SUPPORTED)

Unmaintained Stop AutoLinking Patch (NO MORE SUPPORTED) 0.91

No permission to download
Version 0.91 released
Test routine added to check if Custom Bb Code Manager is available
To update, just upload files
Version 0.9 released

Lazy config doesn't use any query now... then select it!:)
You MUST use this version with the new Custom Bb Code Manager (>1.3)
Please edit one of your Bb Code and save it, even if you do nothing: it will create a cache of your active Bb Codes and prevent to use any extra query.​
I've also rewritten the developer documentation to make it very easy to integrate this addon in others addons (for example a portal).​
To update: upload files, import xml​
Version 0.8.1 released
Fix a tool for developers using special tags:{tag} {/tag}
If you don't use this, no need to upgrade
To upgrade, just upload files on server
Php syntax correction.
For 0.8 users, just upload files again
2012/04/13 version 0.8 released
  • code optimized and phrases rewritten for a better description
  • add an option for Ragtek Automatic URL addon to make it compatible with tags that need raw links
  • to update import xml and upload files
2012/04/13 version 0.73fix released
=>... put the correct files in archive... it's better now
=>to update just upload files
2012/04/13 version 0.73 released
=>correct a tool for developers
=>add a postrender fix
=>to update just upload files
2012/04/13 version 0.72 released
=>new tool for developper​
=>Addon description has been updated​
=>to update just upload files​

By the way, after many tests with complex bbcodes, the regex seem to work fine :)
2012/04/13 version 0.71 released
=>regex bug fixed
=>to update from 0.6 version just upload files
2012/04/13 version 0.7 released
=>all regex have been rewritten and tested (see test file if you're curious)
=>to update from 0.6 version just upload files

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
Regex killed me
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
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