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Unmaintained "Stay Logged In" checked by default (XenForo v1.0.x and 1.1.x)

This modification makes the "Stay logged in" checkbox be checked as default.

Do the following for the checkbox in the login bar:
Find in template: login_bar_form:
                        <input type="checkbox" name="remember" value="1" id="ctrl_remember" tabindex="104" /> {xen:phrase stay_logged_in
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Thanks! Simple tweak to remove an extra step for 99% of our users. Especially great on mobile (one less small-area tap). 150 chars 150 chars 150 chars
Thank you. I don't know how many times I forgot to check that pesky box!!!
Very useful small tweak. Thanks for it Vincent!
This is very useful especially since we're integrating Wordpress with Xenforo. Keeps members logged in even while at the Wordpress site.
Works perfectly!
I never rated this, but it's a big help and works exactly like it's supposed to.