Speed up your site with a CDN

Unmaintained Speed up your site with a CDN 2015-07-18

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Testing this on my cooking forum as it gets visitors from around the world. Good guide and the walk-through worked as expected with the CDN set-up, in basic form, very quickly. Also got a $10 credit and am so far impressed with it. Thanks.
Thank you for this guide and the quick help you provided to my question. I am currently testing this on 2 websites.
This is an excellent guideline for setting up an xenforo with CDN. It was very helpful. Thanks a lot for that ..
Appreciated. Glad it helped.
Thank you so much for this great guide! I had a lot problems with setting up a CDN, but with your guide everything worked immediately without any issues. Thank you!
Glad it was helpful! Thanks for letting me now.