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Unmaintained sonnb - Live Thread 1.2.0

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Compatible with latest version of XF.
Fix error with Poll on XF 1.4
- Fix Facebook like button in live thread
- Added option to show Facebook comment to first post only.
- Added option to show Quick Reply Form on top of page. Useful for "Reserve Post Order" mode.


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- Added option to show Facebook Comment box under each post. This option require feature "Like/Recommend" enabled to work.
- Fixed wrong post order in reservation mode.
- Added option to reserve posts order, newest posts will be on top. This option does not work together with "Enable Pagination".
- Added option to enable/disable new posts notify while users viewing threads which was default on in previous version.
- Some minor code changes and improvement.
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- Fix pagination issue on boards which do not use Friendly URL
- Minor changes in Javascript.
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- Fix JS issue on XF 1.2
- Added XF's alert style if user not viewing newly posted posts (they are in another pages or new posts not in their screen).
- Minor fixing and changes.

You must clean browser's caches or CDN's cache to clear old JS file.


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- Added pagination option just like regular threads. If this option is enabled:
+ If user is not on the last page, he would see a message indicate that new posts are available.
+ If user is on last page, new posts would be shown up as normal.
- Remove dependence on TMS. TMS is not required anymore.
- Minor changes
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- Fix undefined index error on thread that was imported from other forum software as thread information were not rebuilt after imported.
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- Copyright only be shown on Live enabled thread instead of all threads.
- Copyright removal amount decreased from 50USD to 20USD.