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Similar Threads 5.3

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This add-on is perfect as I expected it to be. Furthermore, the support was very nice and helped me so fast.
This add-on is amazing for my community, help my moderators and admins to respect of thread all time.
Great add on, users love it. And to top it off, Andy is incredibly responsive on this and all of his addons to assist you in any way possible. Highly recommend
Thank you for this plugin. The best in the field! I use it all the time. No mistakes... I wish you success.
Yep, once again! My members immediately responded positively to this feature with great thanks in helping them find other threads they knew were there.
Awesome add on - works perfectly as expected! (when you are smart enough to remember to turn the permission to allow lol) - Great work and thanks for the contribution!
Awesome add-on, just what I needed. I believe this is one of the best and most useful add-ons in XF.
This is one of our most utilized add-ons, making it so easy and fast to identify Similar Threads. The fact you can pick just the same forum, or determine exactly which forums you prefer to exclude is a really nice feature. KUDOS on a job well done!
Great AddOn and a great addition to my Forum. Does what it supposed to do and gives the Users a much better experience. As always, great work by Andy.
This similar thread add on is awesome. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Quick and clean install. Thanks!
An add-on like this should really be built in to Xenforo's core. When you're writing a thread, it populates similar threads to not only make moderating easy but it's also very user-friendly. It also shows similar threads at the bottom of threads will you're in a thread. Our users also really like it - and I didn't even warn them about it. Really a great feature and it's FREE; can't go wrong.
Once again, just a great add-on altogether. The author is steadfast and determined in getting this out to people and not charging a ridiculous fee for it. Probably one of the most useful add-ons you can get for XF at the time of this review.
An excellent add-on that increases the average time that users spend on a forum as it shows related interesting contents.
Another must-have add-on from AndyB! Works as described, nice options, makes users feel comfortable they are not duplicating, less moderating. Thanks!
This is what i needed since a long time. Its so unfortunate of me that i missed these precious addons till now. Now my website looks more promising.
Great plugin.. works like magic. A must have for large forums. Also the flexibility to restrict threads to the forum is handy
Absolutely brilliant resource. I can not imagine a forum without it, seriously, its quite useful. Its frequently updated with top-notch support. Did I mention its free? What more do you want? Go download it, its superb, like all other Andy_B add-ons.
A must-have resource for forums of any size. It makes browsing so much easier and search is a snap! Excellent support by author!
Wonderful addon. Works perfectly for me in XF 1.5.1 with Elasticsearch 1.7.2. Excellent addition to any forum. AndyB always does top quality work. Thanks!
Thanks for the addon and I use it successfully in XenForo 1.5.1 a. Everything works so far and I have to say that the addon is you well done. Keep it up :)