Signature Once

Signature Once 1.2.3

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  • Fix: Lower requirement for PHP to version 7.1 (#26)
  • Fix: Thread action reply type is not checked before calling getParam() (#24)
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  • Change: Execution order of class extensions and template modifications does not match of resource id at (#22)
  • Fix: Incompatible with XenForo 2.2.x (#17)
  • Fix: "Show user's signature once per conversation" option is not respected (#18)
  • Fix: Current page not being calculated correctly when adding last message of conversation (#19)
  • Fix: Signature once status is not respected after adding message using quick reply (#20)
  • Fix: Inline editing message does not set show signature status correctly (#21)
  • Misc: General code clean up
  • Change: Drop support for XenForo 2.1.6 or lower (#5)
  • Change: Increase minimum PHP version requirement to 7.3 (#6)
  • Improvement: Refactor to improve code readability (#14)
    • Update: Container per page content results will now be cached for an hour
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  • Fix: Reference to non-existent variable in template modification (#11)
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  • New: Added (#9)
  • Change: Link to updated developer URL in addon.json (#2)
  • Change: Update support URL to GitHub issues in addon.json (#3)
  • Change: Remove dead Discord server link from addon.json (#4)
  • Change: Move template modification from simple search to regex (#7)
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  • Fixed: Check if container and messages exist before altering controller reply
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  • Fatal Error: Call to a member function save() on null
  • Improved the query to be more lightweight (once again thanks to @Xon)

  • ContentInterface interface for repository now a new method getMessageCountsForSignatureOnce()
  • Results will be now cached for 120 seconds (2 minutes)
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  • Abstracted out most of the parts so support other content types is easier
  • No longer using sub queries
  • Thanks to @Xon for giving advice on how JOIN works in certain scenarios
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