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Show deleted 2.4

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Show deleted v2.4 changes:

Added Media gallery support.
Show deleted v2.3 changes:

Added code to fix null condition error.
Show deleted v2.2 changes:

Added Date to undelete by username function.
Show deleted v2.1 changes:

Added "Undelete content by username" link to show deleted page.
Show deleted v2.0 changes:

Fixed issue with sorting results. Will now sort descending by date and content ID.
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Show deleted v1.9 changes:

Remove PHP code which wasn't required and causing server error logs under certain conditions.
Show deleted v1.8 changes:

Fixed issue with variable name which prevented multiple deletions.
Show deleted v1.7 changes:

Added "Admin" user group permission.
Show deleted v1.6 changes:

Now shows thread and post title in show deleted page.
Show deleted v1.5 changes:

Remove no longer used phrase.