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Unmaintained Separate Sticky and Normal Threads (XF +1.2) by Xon 1.0.1

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Easy and fast! Very appreciated, I can suggest this addon to anyone who needs to separate normal vs sticky threads! :)
It works on 1.5.10. There is no PHP file uploading. Just upload the XML file and it's done. One of useful add on.
This is a fast and simple way to cause your Sticky Threads to stand-out a bit, from your normal ones. Users can quickly find what they're looking for, but also notice more important stickied topics.
The add-in also works with XenForo 1.5.1, because I've just tested it. All well and thank you for the great addon.
wowowow this really is a great add-on. Its funny i just made one of my threads sticky to test out the feature like 2 days ago. Then today i come on xenforo and see this add-on. So i tried it and wow it just brought life to my forum. Thank you sooo much.
Quite a simple feature and a simple solution. I know there are debates about the wisdom of separating sticky threads, however for my requirements this was perfect. Nothing to upload, just install the add-on.
Works Perfectly. Does exactly what its predecessor did. Nice to no longer have to upload files to accomplish this. Should be a core option to make stickies stand out.
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