Seeder 1.0.1

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  • New: Set current time in XF after every seed data being inserted
  • New: Clear entity cache after every seed
  • New: Conversation and conversation message seeds
  • New: Allow specifying limit when running only a specific seed
  • Changed: Users will now watch their own threads when seeding
  • Changed: Updated Faker to be compatible with PHP 7.4
  • Fixed: When seeding pages node_name will be set
  • Fixed: Unable to seed without escaping class name
Note: You can now remove both composer.json and composer.lock after installing the add-on from release build.
Change log
  • Changed: Rewritten the job
  • Changed: Separated tck-seeder:seed command into two CLI commands
  • Fixed: Do not throw exception if seed handler does not exist
  • Now makes use of code even listener instead of content type
  • Changed the option from content-type to seed for the CLI command
  • Added new class AbstractReactionContent to allow reacting to random contents
  • Set tags when creating threads
  • Users will now have an avatar
  • User will also choose to accept/deny admin emails

  • Users will be more unique
  • Reorganize the way next seed is calculated

Bug fixes
  • Wrong job filename
  • Limit being set to between 1K and 5K instead of 5K and 10K for Thread seed
  • Argument 1 passed must be of the type array or null, string is given when running seeder for a specific content type