Search Improvements

Search Improvements 2.5.5

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Great additions to the standard search within XenForo - all those options that you were looking for and lots more.

Also, the author's support is fantastic, fixing issues very quickly.
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. My users don't use the extended search syntax much but it's nice to have it.
A good improvement of the search system giving certain opportunities and an improved search with the help of an additional syntax that is not processed in the engine and improves its accuracy and performance. Recommended in conjunction with
Great add on that adds benefit to our users. Because we use Thread Starter Alerts which requires this add on.
Again Xon delivers what should be in core XF. The search feature in core XF is quite lacking and this addon fills in a much needed gap that most people expect. thanks!