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Scaling standard-sized ads in a responsive environment

For ad partners lacking responsive code, when loading smaller ad sizes isn't an option.

  1. wcbryant
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    This is a work in progress, and a function of necessity; I had to stay with full sized (standard IAB) ads after my migration from vBulletin, and my primary partner didn't (and doesn't) offer their own smart scaling solution as served through DFP. I offer the solution as-is in case it may help someone else avoid the same frustration and...
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Recent Updates

  1. Minor scaling adjustments and added 300x250

Recent Reviews

  1. sinucello
    Thanks. I`m in a similar situation after migrating from vB. Good stuff.
  2. dvsDave
    Excellent workaround for non-responsive ads running from a private ad-netowrk.
    1. wcbryant
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Dave. Your work with iframes and your logo was one of the lightbulbs that led to this.