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Beta Route on Subdomain 1.0.0 Beta 1

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  • Fixed: Links generated using router do not respect subDomainSupportEnabled flag (#8)
  • Fixed: Access-Control-Allow-Credentials not being added to header if index page is not on route (#9)
  • Changed: Check if the referrer in the header is part of current installation and if it is then check if the route is set to be on a subdomain
Change log
  • Fixed: Cookies are not passed when making request to a subdomain or vice versa (#6)
  • Changed: Now only the cookie domain needs to be updated
Note: Make sure your cookie domain starts with a . (period).
Change log
  • Fixed: Missing phrase
  • Fixed: Incompatible with SEO friendly url (#4)
  • New: Add support for route filter (#3)