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  3. 1.5
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There is no support for this product. We recommend testing first and backing up your install before moving to a production environment. Emergency support is not guaranteed if it is put on production. If you are in need of support, please contact us here. Support may be billable but we’ll be happy to take a look and provide a quote.

Reneue is a premium XenForo theme that utilizes unique icons, soft colors, and a corporate look by default. However it is also extremely easy to change colors and tone via the color palette, so you can create any style theme you want. Off canvas navigation, sticky navigations, and much much more are all made available to Reneue as it utilizes the UI.X framework to its fullest extent.

We designed a large-style footer with large text and icons with a simplistic look which is 100% unique to Reneue. But that can be easily modified to look like a standard footer.

Social media icons are presented proudly in the header and with a bold logo you will attract all sorts of attention to your forum!

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Latest reviews

Once again, being one of the biggest customers I have never been so excited again and again to own another theme from Audentio. I have always had a truly amazing experience with both product support and accessibility to customize themes to my heart's content. Reneue delivers a truly new refreshing look to any community - I highly recommend others to give yourselves the opportunity to own a theme that uses UI.X's powerful framework (it saves you a whole lot of time and is very much efficient)! I have always been a proud customer at Audentio and will continue to be for years to come.
In my opinion one of the best theme there based on the best framework available for XenForo with a high level of support provided by Audentio Design (and of course Mike). This theme is easy to customize and even without passing hours to do it, it always (almost :p) looks awesome !!
Thanks Hit (love the new avatar :P), as always I appreciate all the help you've given us. Your support of our company means so much.
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