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Remove privacy options 1.1

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Removes privacy options in preferences.

(Example of Privacy options)


SQL queries:

This add-on removes the privacy options but does not change members settings. If members have already changed their privacy options and you would like to set all members back to default, that is to show online status and current activity, you will want to execute the following two SQL queries in phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE xf_user SET visible = 1

UPDATE xf_user SET activity_visible = 1
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Addons like this are good for my website because we can simplify and standardize user's settings. Thank you for creating this.
This addon is great, but the story behind it is better. I asked Andy two days ago if he knew an addon to accomplish this. He didn't. But, he publishes this a day later. Simple and awesome. Use 1 in the SQL query to check the boxes.