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  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
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Removes password strength check function.

The password strength check function introduced in XF v2.1 slows down loading of the registration overlay for users with a slow internet connection. This add-on removes the password strength check function in order to restore quick loading of the registration overlay.
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    Remove password check v1.1 changes: Updated to work with XF v2.1.1.

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Wow!! What a DIFFERENCE this makes for our visitors!

After upgrading to XenForo v2.1 many of our visitors started complaining that the logon dialog/page could take as many as 20 second to display. That was insane! It turned out that XF v2.1 adds a 30,000+ common words dictionary to the logon page. It's nearly a megabyte! ... and it was badly clogging up our logon process.

This beautiful little AndyB AddOn restores our forum's previous fast login... which really matters! Thanks, Andy!!