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Remove Last Edited

Remove Last Edited 1.1

No permission to download
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

Removes last edited message and options.

Modifies code in the following two templates:
  • helper_edit_silent
  • message
  1. Download removelastedited_v1.1.zip and unzip it.
  2. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page.
  3. Upload the addon-RemoveLastEdited_v1.1.xml file.
  4. Click the Install Add-on button.
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Latest updates

  1. See description.

    Remove Last Edited changes: 1) Renamed add-on to Remove Last Edited. 2) Added additional...

Latest reviews

If you want to save yourself several thousand needless keystrokes and/or mouse-clicks over a year or two, this add-on is an EXCELLENT place to start. Until you remove the last edited reasons, you probably won't realize how much time/effort you wasted on it.