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Remove Conversation Options 1.1

Removes conversation options.

  1. AndyB
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5

    Removes conversation options.

    The default XenForo program has two options when creating a new Conversation, or clicking the Edit Conversation link.
    • Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others
    • Lock conversation (no responses will be allowed)
    This add-on will remove both these seldom used options.

    Modifies the code in the following two templates:
    • conversation_add
    • conversation_edit
    1. Download removeconversationoptions_v1.1.zip and unzip it.
    2. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page.
    3. Upload the addon-RemoveConversationOptions_v1.1.xml file.
    4. Click the Install Add-on button.
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    Thank you.
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