Redis Cache By Xon

Redis Cache By Xon 2.11.1

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  • Support using PHP Redis extension for TLS connections when v5.3.0+ is present. Older version will fall back to the pure php implementation for communicating with a redis server
  • Extend XF's debugger html output to display redis session stats
  • Requires php 7.0+
  • Confirmed XF2.2 support
  • Work-around for non-numeric style ids to css.php causing unexpected fallback to master style which may not have all the required templates
  • Add support for Sentinel AUTH
  • Add support for multiple statically configured read slaves.
  • Support displaying multiple redis stats in AdminCP home when multiple 'cache context' are configured
  • Correctly use 'Small forum threshold' option
    • Cleanup wording around forum count caching options
  • Fix "Error: Call to a member function save() on null" when a cache is not defined
  • When using redis-sentinel HA, support 'server' configuration option being an array instead of a comma separated list
  • Require XenForo 2.1.+
  • Fix php 7.4 support
  • Support TLS to Redis ('server': 'tls://')
  • Work-around for buggy browsers failing to request css URLs properly