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Redis Cache By Xon

Redis Cache By Xon 2.1.4

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  • Tweak execution order of class extensions/template modifications/etc to provide predictable ordering
  • Add LICENCE and README.MD to redistributable.
Likes: Sunka
  • If decompression of fetched content fails, just fail the cache get request. This should be a safe trade-off as if the key returns nothing XF stack should regenerate it.
    • Makes changing compression type a cache flush rather than rendering the site useless until Redis is manually flushed.
  • Support configuration-less usage to match built-in Redis provider.
    • If no server has been configured try localhost
Likes: Sunka
  • Remove debug code injecting multiple slaves
  • Fix correctly generating connection to slave for details.
  • Report serializer being used (php/igbinary).
  • Add redis stats to dashboard, and under Tools -> Redis Info.
  • Remove empty options page
  • Fix pure-php Redis connector which breaks 'Redis View Counters' add-on for large numbers of threads to update.
  • Update test suit & misc bugfixes to redis connector (pure-php & phpredis wrapper)
  • Fix forum prefix filtering not working
Likes: eva2000
  • Compatibility update for XF 2.0 RC2
Likes: eva2000
  • Fix sending HTML emails due to malformed CSS.
  • Allow LZ4 compression to be numerical rather than true/false, recommend value is between 4-6.
  • Added an icon.