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Unmaintained Redirection Scripts for vBulletin 3.x 8.0

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If you have imported your vBulletin 3.x database into XenForo, you can automatically redirect all traffic destined for your vBulletin content to its new location within XenForo.

All you need to do is unzip these files and place them in the directory within which the vBulletin files with the corresponding names would be located.

Any requests for the old URLs will be redirected with a 301 permanent redirection header.


The included 301config.php file has all of the configuration options and they are documented within.

If you archived your import log table, you must change IMPORT_LOG_TABLE to suit.

Usage if you installed XenForo in a different directory compared to where vBulletin was installed

To do this, simply edit the included 301config.php file, un-comment the $fileDir = '/some/path/here' line and then replace the value for $fileDir with the full path to your XenForo installation, for example:
$fileDir = '/home/example/public_html/xenforo-forum';

Note that the 301config.php, showthread.php, forumdisplay.php and showpost.php files must still be placed in the directory in which vBulletin was installed for this to work.
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    This version adds support for tags (introduced with XenForo 1.5), link forums and categories.
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    Fix a regression in 7.0 that broke thread redirects.

Latest reviews

Thank You so much Kier.

The new scripts worked flawlessly to redirect all Forums, Categories, Link Forums, Tags, Members...

I would say this is the most valuable resource if someone is importing from vBulletin 3.x to XenForo.
I migrated from vB 3.8 to Xenforo a couple of months ago. These scripts worked flawlessly for me. All of the links to my old URLs seamlessly redirect to the new forum and I haven't lost any traffic at all.
Works perfectly. And Easy
I was looking at the URL rewrite but this way to easy not to use.

Anyone converting from VB3 (which should be everyone) needs to use this.
Works like a charm. Essential for those converting from vB 3.x! Thanks!
Thanks for offering this!
Extremely handy. Don't leave home without it.
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